Imagine a situation where another person’s actions can be sent via electronic signals to your cloth making it appear as if the person is physically with you! ColorIam ventures into this idea of “telepresence” to encourage and stimulate interpersonal communication and explore how it can be incorporate in fashion. It aims at provide a fashionable way to display user specific and place-relevant information as well as keeping users linked and engaged.

ColorIam enables you to receive information through a form of implicit ambient communication by means of tactile, auditory and visual stimuli. The technology blends with the fabric of your cloth and the functionality is available in a ubiquitous and invisible manner. The ColorIam “fabric” is subdivided into smaller parts- modules, which are laser cut from felt and can be assembled/ reassembled into different individual fashion items (scarf, neckpiece, headpiece, vest, jacket etc.). This particular assembling process empowers participation on the users end. The modular design also offers adaptability and reusability; and at the same time allows creating uniqueness and individuality.