Cybernetic Circus

Part of the 19th Bauhaus Festival in Dessau on 2. & 3. September 2016.


The cybernetic circus links acrobatics, architecture and media in and interdisciplinary approach in the spirit Bauhaus artist László Moholy-Nagy.

Movement, surface, form and light are architecturally developed and awakened to interactive life. In collaboration with the Initiative New Circus a perfect blend of acrobatics, juggling, minimalist architecture and sensory virtual experience arises. The space, in the workshop wing of the Bauhaus building, is turned into a stage for artists and visitors; for light and architecture. Sensors register and collect the activities of the artists, their props and body movements and generate a new visual environment. "A cybernetic circus" combines dynamic with static, tangible with virtual. It develops the principle of experimentation and Interdisciplinary in a new way.

Interview Bauhausfest 2016.

Photo credit: Djamila Pietzner; Ana Paula Nitzsche

Video Mapping