Bode Museum Berlin

Light and space.


In the first stage of the design process the light conditions and the visual effects of the urban area around the Bode Museum were sampled and mapped. They were remodeled, digitally and manually; and used as index in the form-finding process for a museum extension.

In the second stage the design study was focused on the interior lighting. Based on the models, created by an abstract and identical space – the lightbox, the spatial perception was analyzed and characterized. The whole design study produced an extensive catalog of space-specific classification of light.

The final design proposal presented a picture of what an extension to the Bode Museum could look like, without necessarily assuming anything concrete regarding the precise, detailed plan of the possible new wing. The design was intended to enrich the discussion on the future of the Sculpture Collection and Gemäldegalerie.

Bauhaus University Weimar, Professor Heike Büttner, 2009/10