X Change Room

“The fringed curtains of thine eye advance, and say what thou seest yond.”

The Tempest, William Shakespeare

The installation ‘X-Change-Room’ investigates temporary private spaces- space that we alone occupy for a short amount of time. The central question of the project is how those space communicate the different states of occupation. The installation gradually instills the topic by moving the visitor through different layers of sensibilities and narratives.

X Change Room brings about the user’s innate voyeur, whose primitive impulse reminds us that we all gaze.

Crossing the threshold into the X Change Room, the user explores the transformative and discursive potentials of the surface. Information and data materialize and express themselves through subtle ambient transformations in form, motion, sound, color, smell, temperature, and/or light. The ambient transformations become the immediate, intimate environment in which the user is engrossed and explores the voyeur-self.

University at Buffalo, Associate Professor Omar Khan, 2014