MakerFair Berlin

Come and see me and my work at the MakerFair Berlin.

MediaArchitecture show & tell; Makerfair Berlin 2016/

22. September 2016


"Zirkus, Zirkus- von Schwarz nach Weiß"

I had the create pleasure to be part of this years annual Bauhausfest, Dessau. Our interdisciplinary produced a wonderful show.

For more information about the Bauhausfest follow the link.

15. September 2016


Summaery exhibition Bauhaus University Weimar 2016

I had the chance to present my master thesis X-Chang-Room| Elective Affinities at this years summaery exhibition at the Bauhaus University. During the exhibition I was invited to show my work at "Kronach in lights 2017". Mark the date in your calendar if you want to explore the ambient information system I created.

Photo credit: Henri Sowinski, Thomas Müller, Candy Welz

For more pictures follow the link.

17. July 2016


SpaceHack- The Refugee Journey, Berlin

What does the refugee journey sound like? During the SpaceHack we developed the GPS triggered smart phone application "Forward" that allows you to listen to a "tiny" part of the trip. Make your way to the lageso grounds in Berlin to experience this location based installation.

8. June 2016

eCAADe 2016 annuel conference, Oulu, Finnland

I am proud to announce that I will be presenting my research work "ColorTrack" at this years annual eCAADe conference.

Download the paper here.

1. June 2016

Metropolitan Solutions Berlin

As finalists of the WaerCityHack hackathon we had the chance to present our project TapTap in the BrainBox at the Metropolitan Solutions conference. It was a wonderful opportunity to focus on the human side of the smart city development.

For more information about Metropolitan Solutions follow the link.

31. Mai 2016


FashionHackDay Berlin

See what happenes when you pair grasshopper generated seamless patterns with fashion- ColorIam. The FashionHackDay was an amazing opportunity to explore and combine architecture, technology and fashion.

Read more about the event and watch a video documentation.

2. Mai 2016


"didacta" education fair Cologne 2016

Froxter goes didacta. I exhibited the PlayKit at this years didacta education fair in Cologne. The interest and feedback was amazing.

Read about it in this blog post.

21. February 2016

WearCityHack Berlin

I had an amazing weekend at the WearCityHack. We developed TapTap- a personalized communication token to connected remote living elderly with their grandchildren in town.

Here you will find more information about the hackathon.

7. December 201f


neudeli Fellowship

I am proud to announce that the project, Froxter Playkit, has been selected for the neudeli fellowship. More information about the project is coming soon! Detailed info about the fellowship can be found hear:

  • Gründerwerkstatt neudeli
  • 25. October 2015


    Future Convention

    I am proud to announce that the project, Froxter Playkit, has been selected for the Future Convention 2015 in Frankturt/Main. The project will be presented during the project fair at the Museum for Communication.

    21. October 2015


    ACADIA 2015

    I am proud to announce that the project, PERCEPTUAL AUTOMATON, has been selected for ACADIA 2015. The project will be included in this year's group exhibition as well as in the projects catalog of the conference proceedings.

    31. July 2015


    Summaery 2015

    The exhibition and workshop have been a great success. For more images follow the link blow.

  • Summaery2015 Pictures
  • 20. July 2015


    Workshop Summaery 2015

    IND - Improvised Noise Devices

    The workshop is broadly framed around the reading of spatial conditions through sonic qualities. It is intended to interrogate sound as the generator of concepts. The question is: how can one conceptualize sonic conditions toward architectural compositions? For the purpose of the workshop, participants can modify inquiry1.0 or generate smaller IND’s .

    20. June 2015


    dreiräume.6 summer exhibition 2015

    “exquisite corpse”-­‐on collecting public interest

    I am proud to announce that the project, exquisite corpse, has been accepted for the dreiräume.6 summer exhibition in Weimar. The project will be included in this year’s group exhibition from 3. till 13. July 2015.

    23. June 2015


    Exhibition Summaery 2015

    inquiry 1.0

    I am proud to announce that the project, inquiry 1.0, has been accepted for the XMediaArchitecture exhibition/ summaery 2015 at the Bauhaus University Weimar. The project will be included in this year’s group exhibition from 9. till 11. July 2015.

    15. June 2015